December 2013 Grants

The Price Family Charitable Fund approved grants to the following organizations on December 4, 2013.

Center for Community Solutions
This general operating grant will support the Center for Community Solutions (CCS) in their efforts to prevent and/or intervene in sexual assault and relationship violence cases. CCS provides three days a week crisis support out of the Mid-City police station in addition to offering case management and a full range of domestic violence intervention services.

SAY San Diego
This general operating grant will support Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) mental health and social services programs aimed at youth and families living in City Heights. SAY San Diego has operated in the community since 1971.

Armed Services YMCA-Camp Pendleton
Two grants to the Armed Services YMCA-Camp Pendleton location were approved. One grant is allocated for the preschool program that supports young mothers and their children. The second grant supports the Operation Hero/Little Hero program that operates two days a week after school to provide a positive environment for military elementary school children who face a myriad of issues due to their parent’s deployment.

Price Community Scholars
This grant will provide scholarship and administrative support to a second cohort of Price Community Scholars that pairs 15 San Diego State University Students (the Scholars) with 45 City Heights middle school students in a mentor/mentee relationship. When the second cohort begins in 2014, a total of 30 Price Scholars will be mentoring 90 City Heights middle school students.

United Women of East African Support Team
This grant will help the United Women of East African Support Team, a non-profit organization established to help East African refugees assimilate into the community, to organize four Girl Scout troops in City Heights serving girls from Kindergarten through eighth grade.

International Rescue Committee
Youth Department This three year grant will support the expansion of the International Rescue Committee’s Connect2Work program and hiring of a new youth program coordinator. The Connect2Work program provides case management for Hoover High immigrant youth testing two grades below their target. The program coordinator will supervise afterschool tutoring, work readiness training, high school exit exam preparation, and job internship placement assistance.

San Diego Hunger Coalition
This grant will support the San Diego Hunger Coalition to develop a long-term plan to attack child hunger by helping school districts build capacity to apply for and institute the federal free and reduced meal program on school campuses.

Casa Cornelia Law Center
This three year grant will support the Casa Cornelia Law Center to expand its Pro Bono Program. Casa Cornelia provides legal representation to immigrants and removes barriers that block access to legal representation in the areas of asylum, domestic abuse, and abandoned and neglected children. Since instituting the Pro Bono Program in 2010, Casa has increased the number of clients served by 33% and will use the grant to increase capacity by another 15%.

Casa De Amparo
This three year general operating grant will support Casa De Amparo’s goal to expand service to youth and families from their North San Diego County location. Casa De Amparo’s primary function is serving children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, but also provides wrap around services for the whole family.

Galinson Campus Civility Project
This two year grant will help the National Conflict Resolution Center’s Galinson Campus Civility Project institute an Integrative Diversity initiative on the campus of San Diego State University. The initiative’s goal is to break down student group silos and create an integrated and cohesive campus culture. Philippines International Relief Teams This matching grant will support relief efforts for families affected by the recent Typhoon in the Philippines.