Hoover High School Choir and Advanced Band go on Annual Spring Trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood

As reported by the music coach, Brian Cameron at Hoover High School, the Hoover Choir and Advanced Band went on its annual spring trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood. We performed at nearby Burbank High School in the morning before spending the day having fun at the park, and we are happy to announce the results.

This performance was a competitive festival just like our earlier one and the rating system was the same (lowest to highest: poor, fair, good, excellent and superior). The Choir received a rating of “Excellent” and the Advanced Band kept their rating the same as the previous competitive performance, which was a unanimous “Superior”. In addition, the company that puts on the competition gives out an award at each festival called the “Espirit de Corps” award, which is given to a school (whether or not they had one group or multiple groups) that displayed the best teamwork, professionalism, character, and “intangibles” outside of the musical performance. The recipient of this award is decided on by the company’s coordinator, the host school’s director, student volunteers, parent volunteers, and the competition judges. We won that, too.

This festival concluded the Music Department’s competitive season for 2009, and we could not be happier for the honors our students achieved. Hoover is on its way to becoming one of San Diego County’s premier music programs.