November 2012 Grants

Safe Passages/Safe Routes
The Price Family Charitable Fund approved a grant to support the implementation of a “Safe Passages/Safe Routes” program to improve safety for students walking and biking to and from Monroe Clark Middle School.

The Safe Passages/Safe Routes program has been shown to improve student safety in other communities by recruiting and training residents living along school routes to act as eyes and ears when students are walking to and from school. Residents wear identifying vests and make their property available for temporary safe shelter if a youth feels unsafe. Children never enter any homes.

The program will be administered by Mid-City Safe Passages, Rady Children’s Hospital, and Global Institute for Public Strategies.

AjA Project’s Photo City
A grant will support the AjA Project’s PhotoCity after school program at Monroe Clark Middle School. PhotoCity uses photography to teach youth to turn the lens outward to examine community issues such as safety and violence. The project also serves as a platform for cooperative solutions between youth, school administrators, community organizations and policy makers. A recently completed pilot produced a multimedia presentation and Google Earth map documenting areas youth had witnessed violence. The map was used by school administrators to launch an anti-bullying campaign

Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute
A seven year grant will support the Tax Policy Center’s work on tax fairness. In recognition of the grant, the Tax Policy Center will designate Roberton Williams as the Sol Price Fellow. The Urban Institute is a Washington, DC based research and evaluation organization that educates Americans on social and economic issues to foster sound public policy and effective government. The Tax Policy Center is a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution to provide timely, accessible analysis and facts about tax policy.

A three year grant will support the legal and investigative capacity of the San Diego American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the area of border enforcement. The ACLU will hire a new staff attorney and contract investigator as part of a strategy to improve the policies, practices, and precedent of border law enforcement agencies.

San Diego Canyonlands
A grant will maintain a San Diego Canyonlands project to clean, maintain, restore and educate residents about the four canyons which weave through City Heights. The project employs nine City Heights residents. San Diego Canyonlands’ mission is to promote, protect and restore natural habitats in San Diego County canyons and creeks by fostering education and ongoing community involvement in stewardship and advocacy.

Children’s Aid Society of New York
The board of directors approved a grant to support victims of Hurricane Sandy through the Children’s Aid Society of New York. The non-profit is raising funds to provide cleaning supplies, baby supplies, clothing and food, as well as one-time relief for rent and utilities, to dislocated families.