September 2013 Grants

The following grants were approved in September:

San Diego Central Library Reading Room
A matching grant for naming rights to the Reading Room of the soon to be opened San Diego Central Library. The Reading Room is an airy, three story crystalline public penthouse located on the ninth floor, covered by the sun-screening, protective dome. The library is set to open September 30, 2013.

Big Brothers Big Sisters in City Heights
A grant to Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County to increase capacity in City Heights by 75%.

Catholic Charities
A general operating grant will support services in Imperial County. Catholic Charities provides counseling, senior nutrition, homeless shelters, emergency services, refugee services, pregnancy and adoption services, tobacco prevention, and thrift stores. The grant will help improve food security and develop cool zones for seniors and families in Imperial County.

International Rescue Committee
A grant will provide afterschool tutoring for newly arrived immigrant youth at Monroe Clark Middle School. During the 2012-2013 academic year, the International Rescue Committee’s youth department served 30 new comer students at Monroe Clark who showed an 88% increase in their standardized test scores.

Alliance San Diego
Alliance San Diego is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to form coalitions and coordinate fundraising programs for diverse organizations in San Diego to improve immigrant rights and treatment. A general operating grant supports Alliance’s long-term vision for an engaged citizenry that holds government accountable to serve the residents’ needs.

Home Start
A grant will support the expansion of Home Start’s Financial Opportunities Center in City Heights. The Financial Opportunities Center primarily assists the ex-offender population to become self sufficient through employment and financial literacy services. Through the grant, Home Start will open a Financial Opportunities Center in the City Heights Center one day a week with a goal of enrolling 105 participants over the next 12 months.

City Heights Community Law Center

A grant will support the establishment of a community law office in the City Heights Center office building. The office will house a collaboration between the City Heights Community Law Project and Access to Law Initiative. The office will provide free and reduced cost legal assistance to parents, students, and other residents in City Heights.