August 2013 Grants

The Price Family Charitable Fund approved the following grants in August:

Farm to Family Fresh Produce Initiative
A challenge grant to purchase and distribute millions of pounds of nutritious, fresh produce at hundreds of sites throughout San Diego County, including several in City Heights. The Farm to Family Fresh Produce Initiative is a program run by the San Diego Food Bank to provide access to healthy and fresh food for low-income residents. Last year the Food Bank distributed more than 11.7 million pounds of fresh produce through the initiative in San Diego County.

Early Childhood Literacy
The grant will continue to fund a family literacy resource teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary. The teacher provides training and workshops to help parents learn how to educate their children focusing on core standards. The teacher fosters family literacy skills starting in kindergarten, helping parents select the right books and sharing with them read aloud strategies. The teacher also works with school staff to inform them of new programming and resources.

Health Database Administrator
The grant funds a health database administrator to support the collection and analysis of data from school-based health centers at Rosa Parks Elementary, Monroe Clark Middle, and Hoover High. The data helps school nurses and onsite clinics provide the best quality health care.

The Fund approved a grant to iNewsource, a non-profit investigative journalism organization operating in San Diego, to hire an operations and development director.

School in the Park
School in the Park is a partnership between Price Charities, the San Diego Unified School District, Balboa Park museums and the San Diego Zoo. Students attending Rosa Parks Elementary and Wilson Middle attend school for a portion of the school year at Balboa Park museums and zoo. All curriculum meets California state standards and allow students to receive hands on experience in science, the arts, math, history, and social studies.

City Heights Educational Collaborative
The Fund provides financial support for added student services at Rosa Parks Elementary, Monroe Clark Middle, Wilson Middle and Hoover High schools with the goal of improving educational outcomes for all students and preparing students for admission and success at four year universities. The Collaborative includes the College Avenue Compact, which guarantees admission to San Diego State University for students who meet a detailed set of requirements.

Refugee Assistance
A general operating grant will help the Karen Organization of San Diego meet the educational and social needs of ethnic minority refugees from Burma who reside in San Diego. City Heights is home to 900 of the more than 1,500 Burmese refugees who have come to San Diego since 2007. Staff link families to health and human services, provide after school programs, and help adults find employment.

Literacy Development
Reading Village is developing literacy in rural, predominantly Mayan communities of Guatemala, with the ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. A capacity building grant will help to add more administrative support and office space to expand its operations to more communities. A core program provides scholarships and mentoring to a select group of teenagers to help them graduate from high school, an accomplishment less than 10% of their peers achieve. In return, the recipients volunteer to become reading promoters and run weekly reading circles and other activities for the young children in their community.

Childhood Nutrition
Fundación Éxito is a non-profit serving more than 35,000 children throughout Colombia. One of its major initiatives is to supplement government nutrition programs by providing meat, milk, and fresh produce to children two to six years of age at selected schools and community organizations. The grant will be utilized to purchase food for children in participating programs in the city of Cali during the months of December and January when school is not in session.

Art Instruction and Teacher Collaboration
The grant provides for stronger instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and the Arts through teacher collaboration and high quality art instruction at Rowan Elementary School in City Heights. Teaching artists instruct students in visual art and dance while classroom teachers meet to analyze student work, assess data and collaborate on improving curriculum. The program spans 26 hours over 13 sessions at Rowan. The Young Audiences San Diego (YASD) provides 10 teaching artists for the program.

Affordable Care Act Education and Enrollment
An estimated 11,000 uninsured residents in City Heights may be eligible for either expanded Medi-Cal or Covered California (the state’s health exchange), when the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance mandate takes effect beginning January 1, 2014. The grant will enable Catholic Charities to open a store front in City Heights to educate and enroll City Heights residents in one of the two health plans. Catholic Charities projects they will enroll 300 households per month in Covered California and 700 households in the first six months in the expanded Medi-Cal program.

Home Based Child Care
A grant will support a full-time case manager at the Horn of Africa to assist low income, immigrant women in obtaining licenses to operate day care centers from their homes. The impact of the grant is increased income for the child care provider, more licensed child care options for parents working outside the home, and more education for both child care providers and parents about how to prepare children to meet kindergarten proficiency standards.

Food Security
The grant will cover a portion of the costs for food deliveries and operating expenses related to the food program and a portion of the salary of a yet to be hired food security coordinator at the Bayside Community Center, a nonprofit operating in the Linda Vista community of San Diego. The food program includes lunches for seniors, emergency food distributions, food deliveries to homebound seniors and operating the Linda Vista Community Garden.

Youth Development
Juma Ventures’ mission is to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring young people complete a four year college degree. Juma employs youth through social enterprises at major sports and entertainment venues developing skills that will lead to independence in adulthood. The grant will support the San Diego program which currently serves 90 youth of which 50 are from Hoover High. Each year the program adds a new cohort of 30 high school sophomores and supports them throughout college with counseling and financial support.

Science Education
A general operations grant supports Ocean Discovery Institute (ODI). ODI is a nationally recognized organization, receiving the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring. The Institute works with more than 6,000 urban San Diego County students to inspire them to participate in science and conservation activities and careers.

Homeless Youth Support
San Diego County is home to approximately 10,000 homeless people with two-thirds located in the vicinity of St. Vincent de Paul Village in Downtown San Diego. The Village has become a national model for moving people from homelessness to permanent housing. The general operating grant will support the Therapeutic Childcare Center, which works to improve the social, emotional, physical health and well-being of homeless children so they are better prepared to be successful as adults.

Homeless Outreach
The grant will support Alpha Project’s outreach efforts to the homeless in San Diego.