August 2014 Grants

Price Philanthropies approved the following grants in August, 2014:

Operation School Bell
A grant to Assistance League of Greater San Diego supports the Operation School Bell program, providing school uniforms and clothing to children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The program serves youth throughout San Diego. This year more than 2,100 students have received two shirts and pants, a jacket, five undergarments and socks, and a new pair of shoes.

Emergency Resources for Homeless School Children
A grant to the San Diego Foundation for the San Diego Unified School District’s Office of Children and Youth in Transition to provide emergency services and resources to students in transition attending Hoover High School cluster schools. Students classified as in transition include homeless, youth in foster care, and children of military personnel.

Children’s Hospital of Costa Rica
A grant to purchase equipment for the specialized medicine unit and recreational therapy unit at the National Children’s Hospital of Costa Rica, the country’s only hospital exclusively for children.

Housing Advocacy
A grant will support Asociación de Liderazgo Comunitario’s (ALC) efforts to empower City Heights’ residents to advocate for better housing. ALC helps tenants understand their rights as renters, educates landlords on their responsibilities as owners, mediates cases, and makes client referrals.

Hoover High School Mentoring Program
A grant will support the mentor program coordinator at Hoover High School. The mentor program traditionally targets at-risk students and pairs them with faculty, alumni, and volunteers. The program is expanding to include business community mentors to provide workplace experiences.