Aprender y Crecer launches web site

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the Aprender y Crecer (Learning & Growing) program. A new web site (www.aprenderycrecer.org) was recently launched to offer more information about the program.

Presented in Spanish and English, site visitors can learn how the program began, where it operates, and stay updated on recent events through our News and Events page. The site also features a portal of activities for teachers at schools participating in the Aprender y Crecer program. The portal allows teachers to share ideas for using the materials donated by the program to create innovative learning activities.

At a cost of $50 per student per year, Aprender y Crecer donates a package of school supplies to each student at selected public schools in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Each teacher also receives a package of materials for use in the classroom and each school receives an assortment of cleaning and paper products. In exchange for the donation participating schools commit to utilizing the supplies to improve five key areas: student engagement, parent participation, teacher collaboration and innovation, school leadership, and school cleanliness and safety.

Aprender y Crecer began in 2006 with 6 schools in Costa Rica, comprising around 2,200 students. In 2010 the program will operate in 6 countries at 55 schools, serving over 27,000 students and 1,100 teachers. For more information please visit our web site www.aprenderycrecer.org