April 2015 Grants

Mobile Science Lab
A grant will support the SALK Institute’s Mobile Science Laboratory. The lab travels to more than a dozen schools and science fairs each year providing up to three days’ worth of science lessons. Targeted to middle school aged youth, the lessons range from studying genes and mutations by looking at fruit flies under microscopes to extracting DNA from wheat germs.

Summer reading program
A grant to support the summer reading program at the City Heights Weingart Library for the summer of 2015.

Karen Organization
A general operations grant will provide funding for the Karen Organization, a non-profit headquartered in City Heights specializing in providing social services and cultural preservation for Karen and other refugee minority groups from Burma.

Copley-Price Family YMCA
A grant to the Copley-Price Family YMCA in City Heights for their 2015 Annual Support Campaign. The Copley-Price Y opened in January and after four months has already exceeded four thousand memberships.

Tennis Courts
A grant to the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council to support their mission of restoring unusable tennis courts in San Diego and promoting community tennis programs.

Cinema Little Saigon
A grant to support “Cinema Little Saigon”, a commemoration of the fall of Saigon’s 40th anniversary. Three Vietnamese-produced films showcasing the success of Vietnamese refugees who relocated to Southern California during the late 1970’s will be shown in Hoover High School’s auditorium. Cinema Little Saigon is presented by the Pacific Arts Movement, a San Diego-based non-profit specializing in Asian Film promotion.